‘avec new york’ is a NYC-based jewelry house launched by twin sisters, Kate and Chloe Lee. They launched avec new york to design jewelry that embraces classic elegance with a modern twist, an intention that has always been the core of their artistic self-expression. Avec new york combines strong design sensibilities of Kate and Chloe with the highest quality materials polished with extraordinary craftsmanship of their staff in New York. The two talented sisters reflect their oriental heritage and its history in each creation and their pieces accentuate the signature modern-chic style of Kate and Chloe with a hint of sophistication. 

Kate and Chloe’s distinguished tastes in aesthetics and creative flairs stemming from their background in art and painting have long been exposed in their respective careers in the fashion industry. After studying Fashion Design together at Parsons School of Design in NYC, the two parted to independently pursue careers that will unveil each individual’s creative potential. Kate worked as a conceptual artist/designer at women’s wear for Ralph Lauren; Chloe practiced as a designer, fashion illustrator and jewelry designer for various clothing brands, ranging from Nautica, Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Lauren to American Eagle. When the sisters, separately but together, solidified their passion for arts and fashion into jewelry design, the two decided to start their own collection of exquisite jewelry. Complementing each other’s original approach to design, Kate and Chloe have shared their own understanding of beauty and personal elements of inspiration with one another in designing the brand ‘Avec New York’. As products of the two designer’s creative harmony, each piece of the collection is unique, modern and simply unforgettable.

Avec New York jewelry has been featured in New York Magazine US, W Magazine US, Teen Vogue US, Elle UK, Refinery29 US, Vogue Italia, Vogue Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, and Marie Claire Korea, Elle Korea, Allure Korea, Vogue girl Korea, Grazia, S magazine Korea and Style H Korea.



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